Merry Christmas

Dear Beginner,

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, celebrating the birth of Our Lord Jesus.

I noticed that the stores have already taken down their Christmas lights and decorations as they prepare for Valentine's Day with loads of chocolate and hearts. It seems like they prepare for Christmas way too early, playing Christmas carols after Halloween, and they end it way too soon. The Christmas season actually ends with the Baptism of Our Lord. God became man to save us from our sins, to be a Light of Hope in the midst of so much darkness- this is a big celebration!

God saw man so lost in sin, destruction, and sadness, and He wanted to give us a Way out of it all.  He has not done it from afar, but He came down and took flesh, became man, to show us and teach us. This is the great mystery that we celebrate on Christmas: Jesus came to live with us. Such a great event does not end after the presents are opened or after Christmas dinner.  

Now that you have decided to take the spiritual life seriously, living a life of prayer and grace, I hope that you celebrate this season the way it should be celebrated. Spend time contemplating the Love God has for man. Show gratitude by allowing Christ to live in your soul by going to the Sacrament of Confession frequently, receiving Communion, and spending time with Him in adoration.

May the joy of the Child Jesus remain with you!

Another beginner