Fighting Mediocrity: One manifestation of False Piety

Dear Beginner,

     I met someone once who had been advised to receive the Eucharist less frequently—in order to appreciate It more.  That´s a good idea to have—if you´re talking about a hamburger, but not the Lord.  Eventually you will come to see that, whether you feel appreciation for it or not, the Eucharist is something you need to sustain you, and the more frequently received (if you are in the state of grace and have the right intentions), the better.

     If you are looking to abstain from something and it sounds very pious to give up the Consecrated Host, give up instead thinking about yourself after you receive It.  The devil will take any chance to prevent a person in the state of grace from receiving the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and even after received, he is still fighting to take you away from prayer. 

     For a person starting out in the spiritual life (and everyone else for that matter), the most graces he can receive come from the Eucharist.  Source of conversion and summit of perfection, this "little white thing" is worthy of your life.  Well actually, no matter where you are on the road to sanctity, the Blessed Sacrament is your greatest form of nourishment. 

    How can you grow in appreciation of receiving the Eucharist?  Pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament, read about the True Presence, and prepare yourself well to receive the Eucharist each time.  You´ll find that it is not just something to appreciate, but Someone that you need. 

In the Eucharist,
Another Beginner