Are you thinking about yourself, or Jesus?

Dear Beginner,

    A few letters back I mentioned that after receiving the Eucharist, you shouldn’t be thinking about yourself so much.  Reading that, your reaction may have been, well I don´t think about myself.  I´m not thinking about how my hair looks today or how holy I must appear right now.  But thinking about yourself also includes thinking about what you’re going to do later on that day, what you’ve done, what that person said to you, or even how you’re going to evangelize to the whole world.  Needless to say, are you thinking about yourself, or Jesus? 

    Next time you are at Mass, stop yourself as you return to your pew and ask, what kind of prayer am I making right now?  How have I welcomed this Guest into my house?  And then ask Jesus (Who's INSIDE of you) to help you pray.  He’d be more than happy to, I’m sure, so long as you try.  
    Now is the most important part of your day.  Honestly, Jesus made Himself into a piece of FOOD to transform you into Him.  So thank Him.  Talk to Him. Ask Him if He’s happy to be inside your soul, if He likes what He finds there.  Thank Him.  And then thank Him again.  Talk to Him like St. Joseph did when he held him in Bethlehem, or in His mother´s arms after He died on the cross.  Ask Him to fill you with His grace, love, and forgiveness. Do you have a specific request, anxiety, question?  Speak to Him.  It´s like going to adoration except right now YOU ARE the monstrance.
    If you can´t think of anything to say to Him, bring a book of short meditations with you.  It´s true that you only have a short time before the priest continues with the Mass, but that doesn’t mean Jesus leaves you right when Mass ends.  Stay awhile longer to offer Him thanks.  Ten minutes.

   Maria Teresa Quevedo, a novice who died at nineteen, saw that she was incapable to grasp the significance of the Eucharisitic Presence in her soul.  So she encommended herself to Our Lady, asking her to give thanks while she, Maria Teresa, made acts of love as best she could. 

Another Beginner, but with really good teachers